Moms-to-be often struggle with finding the time to exercise. With this challenge in mind, we have taken our babyShape program and created the babyShape® Prenatal Workout DVD. To purchase go to babyShape Online Store

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What people are saying about babyShape

  • “Stretching and strength training exercises during pregnancy are a great way to keep moms and babies healthy during pregnancy.  babyShape Prenatal Workout DVD is an excellent resource for busy moms to prepare for labor and delivery.”

    - Darryn Band, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, George Washington University

  • I had trouble finding a prenatal workout that was challenging and effective enough for me.  babyShape was the answer.  Each exercise was presented with alternatives to make it as easy or hard as I needed each day.  I felt stronger after using babyShape for just a few weeks.”

    - Sujata from Maryland

  • “I found the Baby Shape program a nice supplement to the exercise program I was already doing.  It was great to have some simple strength training moves to use at home and I look forward to still using the video once I am home with a newborn.  The exercises can be modified depending upon your level of fitness and depending upon what trimester you are in.”

    - Christy from DC