Fitness Milestones: A Better Way to Look at Your Health

Have you ever received a message that made your day or was a timely reminder that you're making progress in an area?  When it comes to fitness, you need those periodic moments of applause, encouragement, and You Go Gurl high fives!  A few weeks ago, I got a message that made me smile - hard!


Say what?! Now for those of you that know me personally, I'm a fan (okay, a devotee) of fitness trackers and since 2012, I've worn my UP Band.  Of course there were some times when I didn't wear my band like the occasional times I've run out of the door without it (God forbid) or when I had to send it back to for a replacement (it happens).  So that number above most likely understates my steps.  

My point is this; when you track your steps it matters.  It matters for so many reasons. Studies continue to prove that the more you move:

  • Your quality of life is better
  • Your relationships are better
  • You feel better
  • You sleep better
  • Your body ages better
  • Your confidence soars
  • You enjoy life more

That's just a snippet of the wonderful things that happen when you move and when you track your activity, you can't help but benefit.  So what's my next goal?  Of course 10 million steps. That will be equal to two trips on foot across the United States.  Pretty awesome!

As we move into the holiday buying season, consider a fitness tracker as a gift of health to your loved one.  I have this one!