10 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Gadget Use, Part 2

In my last post I talked about three ways to boost your fitness gadget use.  In today's post I'll highlight some not so obvious ways to jump start your use.  

Way #4: Add your personal information.  Yes, you need a starting point and regular check-ins. Short of making a weekly appointment with your nutritionist, adding this crucial information (e.g. height, weight, etc. ) can make the difference in how you use your gadget.  I recommend putting information like your current weight and goal weight.  Be sure to put a realistic goal weight especially if you have been on a lot of diets.  For example, if you weigh 175 pounds, an initial goal weight will be about 157.5 pounds.  Avoid drastic weight loss goals, I can't stress this enough.  Let's say in the above example your initial goal is 130 pounds, the amount of time to reach your goal might actually discourage, not encourage you.  The key here is to give yourself time.  As you inch closer to your goal weight, update it with a new number by ten percent.  In the above example your next goal will be 141 pounds.  The beauty of adding your personal information is not so much in the number (inches count too!) but seeing how much progress you're making and how subtle changes matter.

Way #5: Set alarms.  I know you set your daily alarm for morning wake-up, but many fitness gadgets have a feature that will allow you to set alarms throughout the day. For example, on my Up Band, I set an alarm for the following; 1)Idle alarm - if I've been sitting too long, 2) Sleep alarm - buzzes when it's time for me to get ready for bed (10:35 pm) and 3) Early morning alarm - gentle buzz about 20 minutes before I wake up.  I can't tell you how often I talk to folks who say I was going to walk today but got caught up with work.  An alarm can help you move more and remind you frequently to add more activity to your day.

Way #6: Put it in the same place everyday.  Ask any fitness gadget user and I'll bet someone has lost one (or two) fitness gadgets.  It's tough to keep up with it unless it's on your wrist or on your body.  The worst times of the day to lose your gadget are when you're changing clothes or when you're off your normal routine.  I recommend keeping your gadget in several key places; next to your bed, in a bedroom or bathroom drawer, or in your gym bag.  That's it! Don't throw it in your purse, or take it off to fill out paperwork, or put it in your lap in the car. There's a saying with eyeglasses that goes like this: On my face or in my case.  The same holds true for your fitness gadgets - On my body everyday, results everyday. 

In my next post, I'll discuss the last several ways to boost your fitness gadget use.  These tips will require full disclosure so get ready.  Until then, add your information, set some alarms and wear your fitness gadget everyday!