Top 3 Breakfast No-Nos

Do you eat breakfast?  Okay, do you eat a really good breakfast? If you're like most busy people, mornings are insane (kid drop-offs don't help here) and you may have to grab breakfast on the go.  If you eat on the run, be careful; your quick bite can cost you - in calories, fat, and sugar.  The other day I stopped by a popular deli to grab breakfast.   Usually, I get my food to go but I had some extra time and sat down to eat.  What I witnessed was really eye opening.  The breakfast orders came in and guess what? Most orders were the worst foods off the menu.  Based on my short visit to this popular eating spot I compiled a list of breakfast no-nos.  Keep this list handy the next time you grab a little something and stay on the straight and narrow path. Breakfast No-No #1

Croissants, donuts, (huge) bagels, waffles, pancakes, potatoes, white toast and other carb traps. Starting off your morning with any of these foods will cause you to eat more, leave you hungry, and provide minimal nutrient value.  Pass on these carbs and you'll avoid overeating later. A healthier carbohydrate alternative is steel cut oats, barley, or real bread such as Ezekiel 4:9.  Even with these approved carbs watch the portions - portion size is the key.  For example a serving of steel cut oats is 1/4 cup.  Hint: you'll need a to-go bag.

Breakfast No-No #2

Soda!  OMG (Goodness)!  I couldn't believe the amount of soda consumption before 8 a.m.  Soda is bad for you in general but soda in the morning?  I don't need to go into a lot of detail here but soda should never be part of your morning routine.  If you must have your caffeine fix, try green tea or a basic, low acid cup of coffee.  If you must have your latte, make it a small skinny.

Breakfast No-No #3

No protein.  Most of the people I observed didn't order protein such as eggs, egg whites etc.  Countless research studies confirm that the key to avoiding overeating during the day is starting your morning with protein.  A veggie egg white omelette is an ideal breakfast to get your brain working and feed your starving muscles.  Scrambled eggs are also okay just be sure to pass on the cheese.  If you strength train regularly (and you should) eating protein in the morning is a great way to continue your recovery build muscle the right way.  Other protein options include greek yogurt, nuts, and beans.

The next time you want a quick breakfast, remember that convenience will cost you.  Take the time to order the healthiest options.  Look for healthy to-go items like yogurt, nuts, and water.  Avoid extra sugars and be sure to grab an extra package of fresh vegetables instead of a granola bar or other sneaky foods such as high-calorie energy bars.  Hint: You'll have to look hard for the healthy options, all the unhealthy foods are typically at your fingertips.

What are your biggest challenges with eating a healthy breakfast?