No “Body’s” Perfect

I had an interesting experience the other day in the gym dressing room. I saw a woman (let's call her GI Jane) who works out ALL the time. I mean, she is tight and has a very strong body. We've talked often about her fitness routines and how she stays in such great shape. I've always been impressed with her commitment, consistency and obvious results. Then, I noticed, she had some cellulite. Huh? Wait a minute, this woman is solid and fit, what's going on here? After we parted, I celebrated; not because I noticed her cellulite but because I realized her body isn’t perfect. Even movie stars, as "perfect" as they seem, have imperfections they don't want you to know about. I'm sure GI Jane was aware of her cellulite but she had such a great comfort level with her body. She makes exercise a non-negotiable calendar entry. She experiences all the great benefits from exercise like great blood pressure, minimal illnesses and lower stress levels. In other words, for her, it's all about looking good from the inside out. Now that's liberating. Thanks GI Jane!