Forget the Skinny Jeans!

I read with amusement an article about workout DVDs designed to help women get into their skinny jeans. I asked myself the question, "Now why would anyone want to get into her skinny jeans?" I used to have a pair or two myself and I tell you they weren't comfortable at all! I was constantly looking at myself and hoping that the lines in my thighs didn't tell the world that the jeans were really just too tight. After I peeled the jeans off, I wondered why on Earth I paid good money for those tight things? Now I see commercials from the Gap and Kelloggs Special K talking about skinny jeans. That's just unfair. How about a commercial that says, "Wear the best jeans for your body today!" Now that's a phrase that would get my attention. I work with so many women that want to just look good in their clothes. Must they aspire to skinny jeans? I hope not. So what do I tell women who are determined to get into those skinny jeans? My recommendation is to look at your body and be honest with yourself. Do you have the build that supports skinny jeans? If you carry weight in your legs and butt, skinny jeans won't make you look skinny. In fact, they'll make you look like you're trying to be skinny but no one will believe you. If you have the body for the skinny jeans by all means wear them.

My final word of caution is to take these ads lightly. Don't obsess over your figure so much that you force your body into a pair of jeans that won't look good on you. Instead, work your butt off in the gym so you can wear the best clothes for your body type.(see've-got-to-work-hard). Performing lunges, plyometric exercises and core training will help your body get into jean condition. Remember, all you care about is looking good in your jeans - forget about the skinny jeans.