You’re a CEO

In the gym recently, I heard someone say, "I'm in here everyday; I can't miss a week." As he walked by me, I couldn't help but notice his elbow wrap, knee brace and noticeable limp. Over the next hour, I observed him wince through a variety of exercises and wondered how much control he takes with his program. Does he ever recover or does he continue to push himself regardless of how his body feels? Doesn't he realize he's the Chief Executive Officer of his body? You're called to be the CEO of your body. It's up to you to listen to your body and respond accordingly. When you're tired, rest. I know that's obvious, but how many of you out there press your way to the gym despite feeling run-down? Or, during your workout, you sense you should stop but don't because you have to get that hour in of cardio for the day? Your body talks to you – it really does. It knows when you’re tired, need to slow down, or even stop. Listen to it. I know you want to finish those last few reps, but if you're lacking energy, or just feel bad, you should stop and start fresh another day. Embrace your inner CEO and let your body reap the long-term rewards.