Not Working Out is NOT an Option

This last week has been a blur of family commitments, meetings and necessary errands. As a result, my workouts haven't been as consistent as I hoped they'd be. At first I justified it by saying, "A rest day can't hurt, I'll just be sure to watch my eating." However, that rest day became a rest week! By the time I returned to a normal workout schedule I felt like crap! The same exercises I breezed through the week before had become unusually challenging. I found myself grunting, sweating and feeling like I was completely out of shape. On my way home from the gym, I re-evaluated my week and thought about what I could have done differently. Even though I may not have an hour to work out there are some things that CAN be done. I can go on a brisk walk, stretch, perform squats or lunges in about a 15 minute time block. Doing that a few times a day can "count" toward my weekly workout goal. So to all the busy moms out there, "Not Working Out is NOT an Option." Whatever you do, make yourself do something. Force yourself to stretch, do 10 push-ups or perform 50 jumping jacks to your favorite music. You can't afford not to. When we were 20 something, a week off wasn't a big deal. Overtime however, a week off can set you back for a month!  Next time you feel like scrapping your workout, think again - your body can't afford too much time off. Stay tuned for some upcoming posts that will help you get those workouts in despite the craziness of life.