Read a Men’s Magazine

At the gym recently, I got on the treadmill but decided to read a magazine for a change. As I perused the many choices of available magazines I noticed something very subtle. For every woman's magazine, there was a plethora of articles on how to lose weight, get rid of wrinkles or how get a toned legs. I then looked at several men's magazines. I saw articles like, no-nonsense abdominal exercises, enjoying life more or starting a new hobby. Then it hit me. As women, we're constantly bombarded about all our "issues." Things like bad skin, flabby thighs, out of control kids, messy homes, life stressors, and fluctuating hormones flood our heads. Instead of being encouraged, we see super thin women, and a laundry list of all the must-haves that we need to be beautiful. In other words, we see all our inadequacies. I'm convinced reading these magazines send a subliminal message to our brain that says no matter what we’ll never be “perfect.” It's no wonder why women feel so frustrated in their attempts to get healthier.

Well, what magazine did I choose? Of course, I chose the men's magazine. It was so liberating and stress-free reading material without being bombarded with beauty ads or promises of quick fixes. I didn't feel compelled to run to Nordstrom after my workout to buy the next "best" tweezers, or trash my current skin care regimen. I got off the treadmill, informed and inspired without guilt. I look forward to my next (men's) magazine.