Top 5 Reasons to Join a Workout Group

Talk to anyone today and I bet you'll find someone who has either been part of a boot camp, currently in one or planning to join one.  According to IDEA Health and Fitness Association the group training is the in fitness trend.  Group training is a little different than your group exercise classes.  Small groups offer the best of both worlds.  On the one hand you're working out with other folks and not quite on the spot with a personal trainer.  On the other hand you benefit from a personal trainer's expertise to help you with form, intensity, and exercise demonstrations - something you can't get in a group exercise class.  

I've done hundreds of group training sessions and over the years I've identified my top 5 reasons to join a workout group in 2016:

Reason #1: You get instant accountability.  Once the introductions are made you have your crew that will help you get to your training session on time, text you when you're not there, and encourage you during the workouts.  I had a client who said she felt it was her responsibility to be there for her group.  Guess what?  She lost weight and made some great friends in the process.

Reason #2:  You can burn an average of 300-800 calories per workout depending on your fitness level. The reality is that you work harder when you've got people with you. Even if you don't like the competition, you tend to push yourself a little harder amongst friends.  Grab a friend and get moving.

Reason #3:  Improve your fitness level and increase your confidence.  Once you get in a rhythm of workouts, you feel better.  All of a sudden, you have less aches and pains and get to experience the benefits of challenging workout.  A by-product of an improved fitness level is your confidence level.  Once you achieve a fitness goal, your confidence will soar.  

Reason #4: Change your body composition.  Cardio is important but you have to add strength training to get the best results.  More muscle equals better body composition. If you want to continuously burn fat, you'll have to add strength training, there's no way around it.  The better your body composition, the more your body will utilize fat for energy (not muscle), and you'll have the strength to do those daily activities that include lifting, pulling, squatting, pushing, and twisting.  

Reason #5: Have fun and get fit while doing it.  Life is crazy enough so the last thing you want to do is workout in a boring environment.  A workout group is the perfect alternative to your traditional group exercise class where everyone faces the instructor and there's not a lot of group interaction.  An small workout group can offer, variety, partner drills, and support to help you reach your fitness goals. 

I'm such a believer in small group training I've created Fitness Circles, small group training for like-minded people.  Click here to learn more about Fitness Circles and how you can register today for our next session.  Put yourself at the top of your to-do list today!