Unrealistic Expectations

I read an interesting article the other day on how women set their weight loss goals. The article stated that most women set their goals based on their favorite celebrity. At first glance, this may not be such a bad idea; who wouldn't want to look like Halle Berry? But on the other hand, it's frustrating to set your sights on looking like someone who you have no genetic link to, or share the same body type with. The problem for many of my clients is not that they want to lose weight-they want to look like someone else. "If only I had a body like (you fill in the blank), I wouldn't complain." However, I've read that numerous celebrities aren't 100 percent happy with their bodies. Huh? That's right; very few celebrities "love" their bodies and as you may already know, they feel enormous pressure to be thin. I guess a size 2 in Hollywood isn't thin enough.

I challenge you to embrace the body you've been given. If there are areas that need tightening up, by all means get your behind (literally) to the gym and work it out. However, if you're trying to get rid of some extra fat located on your inner knee cap that happens to run in the family, save your energy and focus on something else. Stop obsessing on the body parts that frustrate you and instead set realistic expectations for getting healthier and looking your best.