What's Your Foundation?

Okay, you've started an exercise routine and you're all psyched about it. In fact, looking at the pictures in the magazine, you're sure that if you just follow the program, you'll see results in no time. You begin the workout and wait to get your rock hard body. Several weeks pass by and you aren't chiseled yet. After a few months, you decide that maybe that program wasn't for you after all. You get discouraged and vow never to follow those exercise suggestions again. So what happened? One of the biggest mistake I see people make is adopting an exercising program because it looks effective or promises to give them a hard body in record time. What many people don't realize is that whenever you start an exercise program you have to start with the proper foundation. Let's say that you were an avid tennis player in your former life and want to resume playing. If you pull out an exercise magazine and start doing some cookie cutter exercises, it's likely that you won't see much improvement in your tennis game. In fact, you may be more prone to injury.

Starting an exercise program requires building blocks or the right foundation. Think of it this way; if you wanted to build a house would you start with the windows? Of course not! The proper way to build the house is setting the foundation with the proper materials in order to build a solid structure. A properly built home will last longer, have less problems and provide all the necessary protection for the homeowners. Likewise, designing an exercise program on a solid foundation is paramount to preventing injury, improving your performance and seeing the results you want.

So if you want to start an exercise program go for it; just realize that the key to your long term success is the proper exercise program foundation. This foundation may vary from person to person but the main parts of your program should involve corrective exercises, flexibility, balance, reactive and strength training. Of course cardiovascular training is included but again, it should be specific and foundational for your unique needs. If you build your exercise program on the right foundation you will see results and feel good throughout the process.