Ditch the Schedule, Stress Less

Do you ever have those aha moments? I did recently and just had to share it with you. On any given day I'm racing against the clock; between kid drop-offs, appointments, and errand running, I'm "on" all the time. It's rare that I get a moments to relax. My days start early and end late. Add the kid factor (in my case 4!) and the mental fatigue skyrockets to another level. It's no surprise that on a recent vacation with my husband alone (no kids = very strange) I got into my normal scheduling mode. As soon as our plane landed, I was consumed with what we were going to do. I said, "Let's see, should we go to a museum, the beach, or shopping?" All of a sudden I felt this pressure to fill our schedule with stuff. That's when my aha moment came to me.

What if we just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves without the schedule? What if our schedule included sleeping-in, working out as long as we wanted, or reading (and finishing) a book? What if our vacation was completely unscheduled with no alarms, deadlines, or events to attend? The rest of our vacation was amazing and very relaxing. I felt recharged and ready to re-enter the grind with renewed energy.

It's easy to make your vacation routine much like your home one. Slowing down takes work and sometimes a vacation is just what you need to force you to chill out. The next time you have the chance to getaway, make it your mission to do it the right way - unscheduled!

Share your unscheduled vacation. How did it improve your overall well-being?