New Year's Resolution 101: Be Consistent!

new-years-resolution-20111 Source: Yahoo Images

If you need a 2011 New Year's Resolution, I have one for you - be consistent!  We're bombarded with messages to eat right, exercise more, and drink lots of water.  However, the key to seeing results in your weight loss efforts is being consistent - over a period of time.  When I talk to people who have experienced weight loss success there's a common thread in each person's story - doing something everyday, every week, and monthly - consistently!

So what does the consistent person look like? In my years of working with and talking to people here are some qualities that stand out:

  • They don't look at January as the starting point - they've been on their journey for awhile.
  • They see January as a time of changing things up, doing something new, or adding another goal to improve results like a 5k.
  • They eat well on a regular basis - including the weekends.
  • Their cheat days are scheduled and accounted for with extra exercise, increased water intake and caloric adjustments the following day.
  • They view setbacks as temporary and quickly resolve them. If they fall off the wagon, they quickly retool and get back on track.
  • They don't aim for quick results, rather they understand permanent weight loss takes time.
  • They avoid extremes exercise regimens or fad diets to speed up results.
  • They enjoy the benefits of exercise such as less stress, increased energy, and improved mood. Their drive to exercise and healthy eating translate into a better quality of life.
  • They push themselves even when they don't feel like they're seeing results and refuse to obsess over the scale.

If you want to have a better New Year, make it your life mission to be consistent. Eat well, exercise more, stress less, and live healthier on a consistent basis!

Tell me about your New Year's Resolutions and what you plan to do on a consistent basis in 2011 for a healthier you!