Essentials to Keep in Your Gym Bag!


My friend and fellow blogger Frances Frost invited me to chime in on her What’s in the Bag series on just piddlin'.  I had the privilege of sharing what's in my bag as well as give you tips on exercises you can do just about anywhere, even if you can't get to the gym.  Here are some additional items for you to pack.

•    Fitness Gadgets – The only way to really know how hard you’re working out is to use tools designed to tell you.  I evaluate fitness gadgets all the time and my favorites include the polar heart rate monitor watch and the fitbit. In a nutshell, these tools tell you if you’re burning more fat or improving overall performance.  They can also tell you how many steps you walk daily (10,000 steps is the daily goal), and give you an overall sense of how active you are on any given day. If you want to take your fitness to another level and make it personal, you can’t go wrong with these must-haves. •    Body wear – You see athletes wear them all the time and now they’re making into the fitness realm – recovery or compression sleeves.  The white compression sleeves in the picture are designed to improve blood flow throughout the legs and aid in faster recovery after an intense workout.  If you’ve had or have varicose or spider veins these are a must-have for your gym bag.  Keep an extra pair of socks in your bag too.  The black weight gloves are important to have for a variety of reasons.  First, they protect your hands when using weights, promote hygiene, and improve overall comfort in the gym.  You can find a decent pair of gloves at any fitness store for $15 - $30.   The purple wristband has a motivational saying, “Always Finish Strong.”  I use this motto every time I work out and it helps me push myself on a regular basis. •    Extra Fluids – It goes without saying that you have to hydrate before, during, and after your workouts.  I highly recommend plain coconut water as a post-workout hydration drink.  Coconut water contains more potassium than a banana and helps to replace electrolytes after an intense workout session.  Keep them in the refrigerator so that by the time you put them in your gym bag they’ll be nice and cold. •    Stretching Help – This green strap is a surprising help in a gym bag.  The loops on the strap can provide you with assisted stretching anywhere.  Whether you’re outside at the park or at a gym this strap can help you stretch the hamstrings, quadriceps, and upper body.

Now that you’ve got the bag all figured out, it’s time to put in the most important place – your car!  Replenish it on a regular basis and make it a habit to travel with it everywhere.  From now on you won’t get caught in a jam at the gym, the park, or the vacation getaway.  Include these must-have items in your gym bag and you’ll be ahead of the pack.

What are your gym bag essentials you keep in your bag no matter what?