Workout of the Week

Have you worked out hard recently?  Be honest; when was the last time you worked beyond your comfort zone and pushed yourself?  Every now and then, I test myself and do a killer workout to see how I'm doing.  Here's my recent WOW (Workout of the Week) workout: High-Intensity Circuit Training

Dynamic warm-up and few core exercises for 10 minutes; 3 rounds of Kettlebell 2-arm swings, Step back lunges with body bar, bench push-ups, tricep dips on the bench, rows, medicine ball slam-downs, free motion lateral raises, Ab/adduction on the multi-purpose gym using ankle straps and arm curls. Every 2 exercises I did a burst of cardio like Burpees, Jump squats or lunges. I was sweating up a storm without getting on a cardio machine!!

The workout itself took about 45 minutes.  I stretched for 5 minutes and I was done!  I was wiped out - in a good way.  But here's the thing; when you workout you have to do it the right way otherwise you're just coasting through and not seeing any results.  Every decade your body changes so you have to make sure that every workout counts.  Here are some reminders for you for your next workout:

1.  Sleep well the night before and after your workout (at least 7 hours) 2.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day 3.  Track your progress in a journal or online 4.  Make sure you sweat every workout.  Work hard! 5.  Take a day off once a week for recovery