Fitness Tip of the Month: 3 Mantras that Work!

Do you like your body or do you find a reason to say something negative about it?  If you've ever looked at yourself with disgust in the mirror or said a few negative words about a certain body part, you're not alone.  According to the Journal of Applied Communication Research, actively engaging in fat talk can change the way you see yourself. Negative talk doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but it's easily to miss too.  Think about a recent chat you've had with someone about your body.  Is it positive or do you find yourself talking about all the problems areas?  Whatever your life stage, it's crucial to re-think how you think about your body.  Here are my top 3 mantras for you to replace with the old ones in 2016:  

Old Mantra: I hate my [you fill in the blank]!
New Mantra: I will accept my body the way it is and highlight the areas I'm proud of.

The new phrase may not change your thigh measurement immediately, but it does change your perspective.  The reality is no body's perfect.  If you want to see more results in a particular body part, do things differently.  Tweak your nutrition, change the ratio of cardio to strength training, or do something new like swimming.  When you see how your entire body responds to your fitness regimen, you'll celebrate successes rather than beating yourself up at weigh-ins.  In order to tackle those tough areas you may need to work harder at it but remember, in the process your entire body will reap the benefits.  I won't lie to you; this process is easier said than done especially if you've said the old mantra for decades.  Focus on daily steps and celebrate small wins along the way. 

Old Mantra: I used to be in shape.
New Mantra: I will take better care of myself everyday.

Taking better care of yourself requires work and here's why.  Family needs, workplace demands, and home responsibilities can leave you drained.   If you care for people, start a new habit of caring for yourself too.  Do your workouts early in the day and make your self-care a priority.  Schedule you time in your calendar regularly and make it a recurring appointment.  Don't neglect yourself because you're too busy.  Remember, all you do now will pay off in your later years.  

Old Mantra: I have bad [you fill in the blank]. 
New Mantra: I will manage any pain the smart way.

Pain is never good and if you've experienced a pulled muscle, back injury, or foot pain you know what I mean!  Pain is the body's way of telling us that something is wrong, out of position, or hurt.  The problem with folks is that they wait for years to address a painful situation.  If you've had any injury, no matter how small, you have to deal with it.  This could mean seeing physical therapist and taking the time to manage the injured area.  This step is a must-do especially if your want your workout swag back.  Just in case you need another motivator, pain can lead to injury and injury over the years can put you out of commission for a long time.  Take control of any previous or current injury and feel better in record time.

Now that you have your new phrases use them regularly.  Avoid negative self talk at all costs and change the way you see yourself.  It's okay to hit bumps in your fitness road and it's likely you will.  However, keep the right outlook and find something positive to say in your health and fitness journey.