Fitwell Training Solutions Celebrates One-Year in Chapel Hill, NC

Change is an essential part of life.  In fact, we're constantly surrounded by changes.  Whether it's in our family or professional life it's a matter of time when change will happen.  I'm living proof. A year ago my family relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  At first it was a daunting experience. We had such dear friends in the DC Metro area how could we possible start over?  Transitions are tough but there's a lot we can learn from them especially from a fitness perspective.  

First, change is the one word that can make all the difference in your fitness regimen.  Simple changes like adding five extra minutes to your cardio sessions or strength training twice a week can pay off big time.  As you embark on change take the time to reflect on what worked well, what you can do better, and how to keep the momentum going.  Your timeframe may be different than others and that's okay too.  Before you know it you'll be celebrating a milestone too!

Whether you need a complete fitness or nutritional change or tweak in your current program, I'm here for you.  You can reach me in-person at Chapel Hill Training Studio or online via Skype.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!