Top 10 Reasons to Take Better Care of Yourself

You've heard it before; take care of yourself, eat right and exercise more.  In fact, there are new studies coming out daily on what foods you should eat as well as what exercises work best for your trouble zones.  While some of the material you read may seem like a bunch of to-dos, there are some tips worth trying out.  Listed below are my top 10 reasons to take better care of yourself!

Tip #1: Your stress levels will decline, and you will manage stress better when it occurs.

Tip#2:  You will build healthier cells which protects your body from disease.

Tip #3: You may live longer.

Tip #4: Injuries are more infrequent and if it does happen, you will heal faster.

Tip # 5: You will sleep deeper which will aid in cellular repair and muscle recovery.

Tip #6: By making yourself a priority, your health will increase, as well as your confidence.

Tip #7: You will positively impact your family and friends.

Tip #8: The risk for health issues decreases.

Tip #9:  You'll be inspired to do something new, like run a 5K or go on a challenging scenic hike.

Tip #10: You will enjoy life more - guaranteed!

I typically don't guarantee anything but I'm convinced that taking better care of yourself really does pay off.  Ask anyone who has started a new exercise program and stuck with it.  Ask the woman who just beat breast cancer and is determined to eat better and stress less.  Ask a busy mom who prioritizes her health without feeling a sense of false guilt.  The point here is that taking care of yourself is something most of us do an okay job on a daily basis.  However, taking better care of yourself may require you to make some adjustments, say no to some committees, or turn the phone off after 7 p.m.

Here's the takeaway; what you do health-wise today can make a difference in your life immediately and long term.  Whether you're thinking about getting it together or convinced you don't have enough time, your health really is important!  Don't wait for the next health scare to get things in action.  I challenge you to get a plan in place to take better care of yourself.  Do it today!  Share your results...