Heart-Healthy Foods, Which Ones are Right for You?

Heart-healthy foods are the craze.  Walk down any grocery food aisle and you'll see for yourself.  Between heart symbols, catch phrases, and all the hype around certain foods you may wonder what foods (if any) really do help your heart.  One fact that we can be sure of is this: there is a lot of confusion around what makes a good food versus bad food.  Once you get into the heart-healthy world, it can be even more frustrating to know the best foods to eat.  Here's an interesting article on heart-healthy foods by Robert Davis.  He delves into some popular foods that you may already have in your kitchen or may have added to your grocery list. The lesson with the above article and so many others is that you've got to know your body and what foods work best for you.  Coffee isn't bad for you - Lord knows I need my morning cup - but for some of you, two cups of coffee can keep you up all night.  Certain foods like nuts can cause allergic reactions and skin breakouts but they're still good for you right?  Bottom line?  You have to know what foods work best in and for your body and sometimes that takes trial and error.  You may react to food differently as you age so it's important to track any changes over time.  In a nutshell (no pun intended) here's what you need to do to get and keep a healthy heart.

  • Exercise daily
  • Watch your saturated and trans fat intake
  • Get your baseline cholesterol, blood pressure reading
  • Keep track of certain foods that may be troublesome (e.g. nuts, oils)
  • Eat in moderation even on your cheat days

My grandmother is 96 years old.  I always ask questions about how she has lived so long without any major problems.  She tells me that she does everything in moderation, doesn't worry too much, and keeps her brain busy by moving around, having good conversations, and getting plenty of rest.  I think my Mama Laura has the secret to heart-healthy living.  I look forward to following in her footsteps.