Motherhood and Fitness Can Go Together!

I interviewed over at  mommyhoodnextright with Jessica Hinton.  We initially connected via my blog post on breastfeeding and weight loss on Discovery Health.   Her two-part post will share my tips on how to make fitness part of your life amidst the demands of motherhood, sometimes an overwhelming reality.  Now for some time of brief reflection: I can't help but remember the good old days of life before kids.  Now before you think that I don't absolutely adore my kids here's my disclaimer; life before kids was no only simpler but it was logistically easier to get a workout in.  Of course I had work deadlines, and what I would call then " a crazy schedule," but I could still get to the gym by 11 p.m., workout and eat afterwards.  Yes, I ate dinner as late as midnight - what was I thinking? Another post!

As I think about the years since those erratic workouts, I'm impressed when any mom presses her way to the gym with kids in tow and the chatter that comes along with it like, "Mommy, where's my snack? or I have to go the bathroom"(Arghh!). It really does take commitment on your part to exercise regularly and lose those stubborn 10 pounds. I like to call it "Me Time."  Whether you have 15 minutes or one hour "Me Time" is non-negotiable.  You may say, "But what about...?". My response? Remove that phrase from your vocabulary altogether.  I guarantee that you'll always have a pull on your time.  It won't do you a bit of good to harp on it either because it won't get you results you want.  The next time you want to take a day off because of your too busy schedule, repeat these 3 messages to yourself?

1.  "Me Time" is good for me (and my family) 2.  I won't let time (or the lack thereof) get me off track 3.  Everyday I take care of myself empowers me to face any challenge!

Say these messages to yourself daily and watch things change for the better!  You'll find that your schedule starts to jell more.  I know it can be rough at first but stay with it; I'm on the journey myself.