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21-Day Triangle Women's Challenge

Busy professional women face unique challenges -  managing career, family, and life demands can create a permanent state of stress. Fitness and nutrition often take a backseat. As a busy mom of 4, I get it!! In fact, I'm so passionate about helping busy women that I've created a jumpstart 21-day online challenge for you to reset and recharge your body. This program gives you, the busy woman, the tools to take control of your life through time-saving workouts, nutrition tips, and stress management techniques. 

It's time to take care of you! Yes, self-care is selfish and for good reason. A lot of folks depend on you so take charge of your health today. Join this busy woman tribe on a 21-day Triangle Women’s Challenge. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded busy women, earn Fitwell rewards, attend special seminars and more! Can your friends and family join? Absolutely! Please invite them. I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

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