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Valerie's 2017 Summer Lifestyle Challenge

Need a mid-year boost when it comes to your health and fitness? Oftentimes, it's the not-so-obvious changes in your life that make all the difference. I work with hundreds of women that tell me that some of their greatest frustrations stem from lifestyle issues.

In response to these and other concerns around health and fitness, I'm launching my 2017 Summer Lifestyle Challenge. This challenge is not just about nutrition and exercise although that will be part of it. Rather, it's a holistic approach to what you do inside and outside the gym that makes all the difference. 

Benefits of the 2017 Summer Lifestyle Challenge

1. You will be more mindful of everyday things that help or hinder your overall wellness.

2. You will make subtle tweaks in your daily schedule that help you adopt new habits along with the cues and rewards to make you even more successful.

3. After all the new year resolutions have been put to the wayside, you'll have some mid-year accountability to jumpstart your progress. 

What you get during the 2017 Summer Lifestyle Challenge

1. An email every day from yours truly providing you with a practical, do-able lifestyle tip.

2. Access to my fitness videos with exercise demonstrations and nutrition support.

3. A weekly, private FB Live group to answer your questions.

4. A special gift for folks who complete all the assignments during the challenge.

5. Special priority registration for future programs.

Okay, are you ready? If the answer is yes (and I hope it is), register here! 

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