Exercise tips for the busy woman

If you’re a busy woman, you face the constant challenge of fitting in exercise during the week. As I work with busy women all over the country, there’s one thing that I find impacts all of them and that’s an unexpected schedule change. You know the drill, a longer than expected meeting, horrific commute, or trip to the shopping store that takes well, forever! Any subtle change in your schedule can literally put a halt to your well intentioned plans. So what’s a busy woman to do? Here are my top 5 tips.

  1. Determine workout days based on your less busy days.

    On Sunday, look at your week and decide what days you are most likely to get an exercise bout in. For example, if you’ve got a tight workday, kid pick-up, piano lessons, and grocery shopping that day, choose another day exercise to minimize stress. A simple trick is to move more on those days. (See tip #3)

  2. Exercise early in the morning.

    Darn! It’s true my friend. Exercising early helps jump start your metabolism for the day, gives you a sense of accomplishment, as well as starts out the day with some much needed self-care. Putting yourself at the top of your to-do list is not selfish, it’s called healthy self-love. Here’s the good part. You can get a pretty decent workout in 20-30 minutes using my quick workouts that keep your heart rate high. It’s all about efficiency!

  3. Take advantage of your entire day to move more.

    There’s a new condition out there called Sitting Disease. Yes, you can be active but still sedentary. This means that you’re still at risk for all the chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Throughout the day aim for 4-6 mini-walks. All you need is between 5-10 minutes at a time. Time-wise that’s about 20-60 minutes of extra movement throughout the day. It adds up ladies!

  4. Avoid feeling guilty.

    I have to add this one. It’s so easy for busy women to feel guilty for not doing enough whether it’s exercising, eating well, or both. The reality is that doing a little bit everyday really does make a difference. If you miss a day of exercise, be sure to eat well that day and stay hydrated. If your nutrition isn’t ideal one day, be vigilant the next day to get back on track. Reflect often.

    I often tell busy women to evaluate their schedules and make adjustments regularly. As you reflect on your week, ask yourself what’s working well and were you need to make some adjustments. Don’t wait until things get out of hand. For example, if you feel constantly stressed on Monday mornings, instead of a high intensity training (HIT) bout, try a gentle workout like walking or stretching. Sometimes going hard all the time doesn’t always help (more on that later).

Yes, you’re a busy woman and it’s up to you to make sure you take care of yourself. Everyday you invest in yourself is a win-win. Heck, you’re worth it! Need a gentle push? Why not get started with my Lifestyle Fitness Challenge? Learn more and sign-up here!