Valerie C. Merriweather, Chief Exercise Offcer

Valerie C. Merriweather, Chief Exercise Offcer


Valerie's Fit Facts:

  • Fitness entrepreneur since 2004
  • Certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council of Exercise (ACE)
  • Discovery Fit and Health Fitness Expert and Blogger
  • Creator and Executive Producer, babyShape Prenatal Fitness DVD (available on
  • Corporate healthcare jobs at Deloitte and Touche, Kaiser Permanente before starting Fitwell
  • Wife and proud mother of 4 - Kayla, Miles, Ellis and Reese

Valerie's Thoughts on Struggle:

Struggle.  It’s a word I know all too well.  For years, I’ve personally experienced the struggle of getting into shape, staying in shape, and managing it all through various life stages.  I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness.  For as long as I can remember, I was intrigued by exercise and the benefits my body felt after each bout.  As I learned more about exercise I realized that nutrition was also a part of the equation and started to make some nutrition changes especially after my 30s.  Over time however, I’ve discovered that the struggle is not only with making exercise and healthily eating a part of your life but balancing some of the not so obvious areas like everyday and long-term stress, lifestyle changes, and lifelong health planning. 

My hope in working with you is to help you breakthrough your struggle to a better, stronger, healthier and more focused you.  Your goals vary and your challenges are you unique to you but your breakthrough comes by going through the struggle and coming out of it successfully.  We all have this quality in common and that’s why I’m so glad to meet you - virtually.  Whether you’re trying to lose the baby weight (been there, done that) or trying to manage your ever-changing body through your life stage, I’m here to help.  Together, we can breakthrough your struggle to a new you.