Troy Polamalu Is No Joke in the Gym!

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Ever wonder what makes top athletes so great?  It's rooted in their training regimen - discipline, focus, intensity, and doing it all consistently.  Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers safety has a pretty impressive training program.  He takes his fitness seriously.  When you look at his workout it's not just a sexy, wow-let-me-try-that-at-the gym workout.  It's full of functional and sports specific movements that make his football game better than many athletes.

Whether you plan on playing football, are a fan or not; take the time and hear what Troy says about his workout.  Of course they're challenging, grueling, and intense.  But he refers to his workouts as "play."  Now of course his definition of play and ours may differ but he has the right perspective.  He understands that the body can perform movements in all planes of movement and this translates into him being stronger, faster, and in phenomenal shape.  As a result, his workouts continue to make him better and he pushes himself to be a champion athlete.  I think we can all learn something from Troy - work hard, play hard, get results every time!  Next time you workout, get your Troy face on!

Troy Polamalu\'s Impressive Workout on YouTube