Michelle Obama Has Burger Clout!

I love an occasional cheeseburger every now and then so when I read the outrage regarding Michelle Obama's hamburger indulgence I was annoyed to say the least.  Of course Lady Obama is the master architect of the Let's Move Initiative to eradicate childhood obesity in the next generation.  However, Michelle Obama works out regularly and therefore can afford a treat now and then.  Part of the problem with obesity in general is that you're told it's an all or nothing approach.  For example, talk to someone who is trying to lose weight and they'll tell you all the things they can't eat.  Here's the tricky part though;  anytime you say that you can't eat a certain thing oftentimes that food is the very thing you crave. As a result, you may feel  frustrated especially if you want to enjoy an occasional treat now and then.  Making healthy food choices seems to come with a price - never eating your favorite meals again. However, eating your favorite dish doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach.  Let's go back to the Obama-burger lunch.  Perhaps Mrs. Obama planned her splurge - of course the story didn't cover that.  Maybe she worked out harder the day before and the day of her lunch.  Maybe she even ate less the following day to account for the calories consumed on burger day.  The point is if you want to cheat,  be sure you've planned for it and can make the necessary adjustments to balance things out in the days ahead.

If Michelle Obama has a hamburger once in awhile, it doesn't mean that she's not an ambassador for health and wellness.  All it means is that she has a life that's balanced and open to the splurges that consistent workouts afford.  You have to know yourself though; if a hamburger meal will derail your progress perhaps choosing your cheat treat such as a burger or milkshake or fries is best.  Listen to your body but most of all enjoy a good meal with some friends - that's what Mrs. Obama did!