3 Lessons from Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss Success

Jennifer Hudson is a great role model for women and moms.  She rose through the ranks of stardom by dealing with a chain of events such as American Idol cuts, rejection by Simon Cowell and landing a record deal.  She went on to win a Grammy, deal with a family tragedy, become a mom and now she serves as the Weight Watchers spokesperson.  During a recent interview on the Rachel Ray show, someone asked Jennifer how she keeps her weight under control and  she replied, "...my Weight Watchers coach reminded me to trust the system."  Pause. (Audience and at-home). Huh?  You mean to tell me that weight loss is that simple?  Just trust the system?  I know folks who've trusted the system for awhile.  This system could be their own diet, another diet, or some other program.  But the problem is that many folks who've trusted the system still haven't lost weight. Are they failures?  Of course not but if you want a balanced view of weight loss success I suggest you do the following:

1.  Be honest with yourself.  Jennifer Hudson took a good look at herself and wanted something better.  Her motivation was a life-changing event that gave her focus, direction, and results.  Until you have your moment of truth, success maybe a long way off.

2.  You're not a movie star.  Ouch, did I say that?  I know you're a rock-star (or wannabe) to your kids but Jennifer Hudson's next job will be influenced by how she looks; don't shoot the messenger, the stars would agree with me.  This system that Jennifer is talking about is twofold; she wants to lead a healthier lifestyle but her new look is helpful especially if she wants to stay in-demand in the entertainment industry.

3.  Your support system my look very different.  Jennifer said that when she feels like sitting on the couch she just gets up and runs out the door otherwise she won't exercise.  Man, I wish I could just run out the door too but that's a challenge especially when the little ones are napping.  When I can't find a babysitter or get to the gym all I can do is run downstairs and get my sweat on with Wii Just Dance.

Unless you're a superstar or a mom-star, trusting the system is really about trusting your system. In other words, your system has to fit your lifestyle and provide the structure to be successful.  Whether it's a Weight Watcher's support group, keeping a food journal, or hiring a weight loss coach, your system could look very different than your girlfriend or even Jennifer Hudson!

Trust your system for weight loss especially of it's working.  If you need one, get one.  Jennifer is definitely an inspiration to many but now it's time to find inspiration in the system that works for you!

What system do you use to lose weight? What has worked and what hasn't?